Thursday, 8 April 2010

For the General Election called on Tuesday, Labour have banned men from standing as their candidates in 59 seats (full list below). This site is apolitical but no man should vote Labour in any of these seats because they have been sexually discriminated against.

Will US nuke Iran?
Assuming for the sake of argument that Iran builds itself a nuclear weapon what should the US do? Two senior members of the top foreign policy think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, James Lindsay and Ray Takeyh, have no doubts.

The wax melts
Worries about Greece’s ability to roll over its maturing debt are giving way to bigger fears

Cows Absolved of Global Warming Contribution
Grazing by cows or sheep can cut emissions of nitrous oxide — a powerful greenhouse gas — in grasslands from China to the United States, according to a study that overturns past belief that farm animals stoke releases.

Calm and reason about global warming. Imagine that
In Washington, the Independent Women’s Forum’s campaign, Balanced Education for Everyone, advocates that parents take control of their children’s education, “especially when it comes to alarmist global warming indoctrination.”Here are some women who get it right.

One of the world’s foremost educators on Peak Oil, Richard Heinberg, in an exclusive interview for MMNews: “We are currently seeing the end of economic growth as we have known it.” Further on, he talks about the financial / economic crisis, monetary changes vis-à-vis a shrinking energy supply, and the Century of Declines: “Peak Everything.”


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