Sunday, 4 April 2010

ZOOS are cruel, outdated and ought to be banned, a Labour minister claimed last night.

BRITISH fanatics are being urged by Al Qaeda to build DIY missiles to attack passenger jets.

JUST four per cent of Britons think Labour immigration policies have been a success for the country, in a fresh blow for beleaguered Gordon Brown.

Former Def. Minister: Israel Will Attack Iran by Nov
Israel will be compelled to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities by this November unless the U.S. and its allies enact “crippling sanctions that will undermine the regime in Tehran,” former deputy defense minister Brig. Gen. Ephraim Sneh said on Wednesday in Tel Aviv.

Russia ships China 15 S-300 missile systems

Journalist on the run from Israel is hiding in Britain
'Haaretz' writer fled to London fearing charges over exposé on Palestinian's killing

NHS sends confidential patient records to India
THE NHS is sending millions of patient records and confidential medical notes to India for processing — despite a pledge by Labour that personal information would not be sent overseas

Iran Rattles Saber at Israel Over Gaza

'Islamophobia on the rise in France'
The head of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, Fuad Alawi, has warned that Islamophobia is on rise in the country.


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