Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lessons from the Great Ruination 1997 - 20??

(Or how to corrupt, corrode and ruin a lovely, decent and gentle country)

Ask Labour how to really ruin a country.

Lesson 1: How to destroy a financial system, and claim you are the saviours. 

1. Gratuitously destroy a tried, tested and WORKING bank regulation system (which was designed, inter alia, to protect responsible banks from unfair and destructive competition from irresponsible cowboy financial institutions) and replace it with a moronic and weakly ineffectual system.
This made it inevitable that ALL banks and financial institutions, to keep their share price up and survive in a fiercely competitive market, had to throw caution out of the window (together with a hundred years of banking wisdom and practice) in a mad chase after more and more money, by lending to the wrong people on the wrong terms
Thus was caused the biggest financial crisis and disaster ever.
2. Nationalise the banks.

3. With utter meltdown staring you in the face, throw money at your nationalised banks and print money in complete panic by taking on debt so immense and so unprecedented that we may never be able to pay it back, (but ensuring the million pound bonuses of your banking friends, of course).
Thus mortgaging the future of this country and its people for generations to come.
Thus neatly giving the problem to someone else.
4. After all that and having caused it all, get your tame TV toady whores (yes Peston, we are looking at you) to lie and praise you - treating you as noble and virtuous and very clever - so enabling you to claim credit for the whole mess as a huge success.  Job done.  (Pity about our children and grandchildren though)

For Labour are the real experts.


Anonymous 4 April 2010 at 12:18  

That pretty much sums it up.

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