Thursday, 22 April 2010

Catching up again

China Just Grew Its Oil Demand By 10x The Rate of Global Supply Growth
Second, more powerful Icelandic volcano likely to explode soon
"The CIA Hit List": Muslim Men to be Murdered as "Threats to the US"
Uprisings against the New World Order: Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and Revolution
Secret Treaty To Curb Internet Freedom
So much for cleaning up politics! Leaks reveal how Lib Dem MPs were told to milk expenses to spend on propaganda
How Britons have run up £55bn in hidden debt
The Road to Total War
300,000 Teachers Set to Lose Jobs... The Massive Dumbing Down of America's Students is Stepping Up Pace!
Unemployment breaks through 2.5 million
Water bills to jump by 27pc
Britain 'facing electricity blackouts'
Obama Regime Will Stage Violence To Crush Dissent
"Climate Change" Scamsters to go Global
Prominent Climategate Figure Threatens Lawsuit over Spoof Video – No Cap-and-Trade Coalition Says “Bring it on”
Massive Anti-Obama Rally Set for Sunday in New York
Young Have Been Turned into Zombies
The guy who filmed the shots fired at the POLISH PLANE CRASH WAS ASSASSINATED
Nine out of ten expats are so glad to be gone
'Toxic stew' of chemicals causing male fish to carry eggs in testes
Shocking Footage Of The Violent Clashes In Kyrgyzstan
IMF cuts UK growth forecast for 2011
The Tipping Point is Upon Us


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