Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hidden In The PPI Data Was The Largest Food Price Spike In 26 Years
Food prices are volatile, but this move can't be ignored given its historical significance

Moody's downgrades Greece from A3 to A2. It's almost over

Britain has biggest annual deficit since World War II
The UK has recorded its largest annual budget deficit since the Second World War as the election battle over how to repair the public finances intensifies

Scandals Signal The Demise of Our Financial System
The line up goes down the block and around the corner for prosecutions against Goldman Sachs, Sovereign debt looms large, 8 more banks close, scandals in the financial sector continue to erupt everywhere, the public picks up the bills, we face a staggering depression, anger grows against wall street, a plan for permanent bailouts only favors the rich and corrupt.

ACTA treaty aims to deputize ISPs on copyrights
Internet service providers could become copyright cops encouraged to block access to suspected pirate Web sites, according to a previously secret draft treaty made public on Wednesday.

One section of the proposed digital copyright treaty says that immunity from lawsuits would be granted to Internet providers "disabling access" to pirated material and adopting a policy dealing with unauthorized "transmission of materials protected by copyright." If the ISPs choose not to do so, they could face legal liability.

WikiLeaks claims Facebook deleted its page, 30,000 fans
WHISTLEBLOWER website Wikileaks claims it has had its Facebook page deleted.
According to the WikiLeaks Twitter account, the website had more than 30,000 fans at the time it was deleted.


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