Thursday, 22 April 2010

Greece Welcomes Its New IMF Overlords With Day Of Rioting And National Strikes
“Papandreou is caught between a rock and a hard place,” said Jacques Cailloux, chief European Economist at Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. “The market has zero confidence in what the Greeks are saying, and any further austerity measures pushed for by the IMF could be the ones that break the camel’s back if they are deemed unfair by the population. He doesn’t have any option though.”

Real U.K. Unemployment is 5.5 million, the Jobless Economic Recovery?
The latest U.K. Unemployment and claimant count data released Wednesday show a confusing mixed picture which allowed both Labour and the Conservatives to broadcast election propaganda in their own favour

Google reveals UK government’s censorship and user data requests
The UK government asked Google 59 times between July and December last year for information about Google users or to censor search results delivered by the company's search engine.

This emerged yesterday when Google launched a web page that detailed government requests for it to censor its search results or for information on Google users

IMF Warns of 'New Phase' in Crisis .
WASHINGTON—Greece's upheaval could mark the starting point of a "new phase" in the global financial crisis, one marked by escalating concerns about sovereign debt, the International Monetary Fund warned Tuesday

Greek debt-crisis woes worsen; stocks plunge
LONDON: World equity markets and the euro turned south on Thursday after the European Union said Greece's budget deficit was worse than firstTop gainers, losers

'Debt explosion' fears: IMF puts pressure on G20

We cannot ignore Labour's debt crisis
"The interest payments alone on Britain's debt will soon be more than £60 billion a year. That's nearly twice the entire annual Scottish budget - double what we spend on schools, hospitals, the police, local government and more, every year in Scotland.

The Global-Warming Tax
Damn the data; full speed ahead!

Climategate, Copenhagen, Snowmageddon in the nation’s capital, the EPA ruling that CO2 endangers us all, and Senate Republicans pushing for a global-warming tax. Has it been a great run-up to Earth Day, or what?

Never has a public-policy agenda been pursued with so little regard for scientific fact or public opinion. In March, 48 percent of Americans agreed that global warming, while real, is exaggerated. When Gallup first asked this question in 1997, only 31 percent thought the threat exaggerated.

Deeper Double Dip Recession as Keynesian Fails
The case for a secondary recession rests on several factors: a double-dip decline in the residential real estate market, the accelerating decline in the commercial real estate market, the unresolved losses in bank balance sheets, the narrow focus of the profitability (earnings), which has been limited to bailed-out banks, and the threat of rising long-term interest rates, i.e., a decline in the bond market


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