Wednesday, 7 April 2010

THREE of Labour’s highest-­profile MPs face humiliating defeat on May 6, triggering a polls savaging for Gordon Brown.

THE hospital nurse banned from wearing her crucifix at work was told in a legal ruling yesterday that the management was right.

Obama targets US citizen for kill or capture
The Obama administration has authorised the targeted killing of an American citizen in what is believed to be an unprecedented move in the war against terror.

Greece takes a pounding as doubts grow over rescue deal
A sudden sell-off in Greek sovereign bonds yesterday has pushed up the cost of borrowing for the embattled state to record levels, casting doubts on its ability to refinance up to €15 billion of debt over the next two months.

China Can't Shake Its Severe Drought And The Problem Has Gone Regional
China has been struggling to deal with severe drought in its southwest, which has now gone on for six months. Despite efforts to create artificial rain and divert water resources, the situation remains challenging.

Worse yet, it's not just China that is feeling the effects

HOUSEHOLDS will be hit by a devastating £1,000-a-year tax bombshell if Gordon Brown wins the General Election, new figures revealed last night.

You Tube blocks viral spread of powerful Alex Jones’ Wikileaks video
As so often happens with controversial content, and especially videos showing military crimes, You Tube has blocked the viral spread of the powerful and damning Wikileaks video by imposing age verification and a required log-in.

Is It Just Us Or Have There Been Far Too Many Quakes Lately?
The Wall Street Journal has a great interactive graphic that sums up the quakes we've had so far in 2010. It shows that we've had 18 major earthquakes ranging from 4.0 to 8.8 on the Richter scale. The very recent Baja, California quake was 7.7.

In some places we been fortunate enough to see little damage, yet others are still suffering the economic consequences, such as in Haiti and to a far lesser extent Mexico and the U.S. right now.
Here's a snapshot of what we've seen so far.

Edible RFID microchip monitor can tell if you take your medicine
Researchers at the University of Florida have combined RFID, microchips and printed nano-particle antennas to make pills that communicate with cell phones or laptops to tell doctors whether patients are taking their medicine.

700 children die of hunger every day in Congo
Congolese officials say at least 700 children under the age of five are dying of hunger every day in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

General Election 2010: Markets nervous after opening political shots
Britain's business leaders have warned of a month of market volatility ahead of the General Election unless the political parties offer more coherent plans on cutting the £167bn deficit.

Global warming: Greenpeace's true crime
I don't really care if Greenpeace knows where I live. And, although I think it stupid and sad that they would publish a nonsensical report that invents a 'climate denial machine' (that basically consists of dusty Republican think tanks that haven't influenced policy in decades), it's not the end of the world.

But on Thursday, Great Britain will decide (they have the deciding vote) whether or not the World Bank will fund the construction of a coal plant in South Africa.


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