Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thai Premier Declares Martial Law to Control Protests
Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared martial law in the capital after protesters stormed parliament, testing the army’s willingness to break up four weeks of mostly peaceful demonstrations.

Deadly Riots in Kyrgyzstan: Coming to America Soon
Riots against the corrupt government in Kyrgyzstan have resulted in more than a hundred dead people. In Bishkek, the nation’s capitol, thousands of protesters stormed the main government building, set fire to the prosecutor’s office and looted state TV headquarters. Government officials were seriously beaten and reported killed.

Los Angeles Is About To Go Bust

El Erian Explains Why Greece Is The Starter's Pistol Of The Sovereign Debt Meltdown
Mohamed El-Erian of PIMCO blasted a warning in this morning's Financial Times on the continuing European sovereign debt crisis.

Greece is still a shambles because no one is willing to lead on the EU-IMF plan, according to El-Erian.

And he says game theory explains it all.

Spending on Afghanistan War to Leap to £5 Billion per Year
Despite massive budget cuts to services for British people at home, the criminal gang of Labour and Tory warmongers, who have plunged Britain into the immoral Afghanistan war, have approved an increase in spending on that war to £5 billion per year

Britain’s Borders Left Open as UK Border Agency Faces 30% Cut — while Foreign Aid Budget Hits 45-Year High
Britain’s border policing agency has been told to cut up to a third of its staff “due to budgetary constraints” — as new figures show that the Tory/Labour-supported foreign aid budget is at its highest level in 45 years.

The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty
Continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is the most recent interview by Eric King with GATA's Adrian Douglas, Harvey Orgen (who recently testified before the CFTC hearing) and his son, Lenny, in which the two discuss their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada, that of ScotiaMocatta, located at 40 King Street West in Toronto, and find the vault is practically empty

Ruling threatens an ‘open’ Internet
Broadband providers can restrict access, add fees, court tells FCC


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