Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pound takes dive as fears grow over hung parliament
Sterling fell sharply today as opinion polls raised concerns about a hung parliament following the general election on 6 May.

British jobs for British workers...
Did you know that there are fewer British-born workers in the private sector than there were in 1997? I'd be surprised if so: these official figures are not released. The Spectator managed to get them, on request from the Office of National Statistics. And it puts new light on the boasts Gordon Brown has been making.

Equality Bill completes parliamentary process to become law
The Equality Bill last night completed the final stage of its passage through Parliament, and will now become law.

Employment tribunals set to increase by 370,000
Businesses face 370,000 extra employment tribunals over the next three years, raking up an additional cost of around £2.6bn

Pakistan is in pieces
American drones overhead, Taliban troops on the offensive, and the horrifying rise of child kidnapping – Pakistan is in pieces, writes Robert Fisk, in a devastating portrait of a country thwarted by violence and corruption

Sterling tumbles on decline in UK services
Sterling fell against the dollar today after new figures revealed Britain's dominant services sector expanded at a slower-than-expected pace in March after reaching a three-year high in February.

UK recovery set to slow, BCC warns
Confidence is returning to British businesses but weaknesses and risks of a serious economic setback remain, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has warned

EU regulation has 'cost UK economy nearly €200bn'
A eurosceptic think tank says that EU regulation has cost the UK economy €199bn since 1998.

London-based Open Europe says this is roughly equivalent to the country's entire budget deficit.

Of this amount, it says €140bn, around 70 per cent, had its origin in EU legislation.

SOARING Government spending on outside consultants has cost taxpayers more than £1.7billion in the past six years, it emerged yesterday


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