Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Eurozone unemployment soars to 10% in new blow for recovery
Britian's recovery hopes suffered a blow after unemployment in the eurozone hit 10 per cent in February - the highest level for more than a decade.

The jobless rate leaped from 8.8 per cent a year earlier, adding to signs of a faltering economic performance in continental Europe - the UK’s biggest export market.

At 10 per cent the euro area unemployment rate is the highest since August 1998. Spain’s figures are the most alarming in the currency union, as the country reports a 19 per cent jobless rate.

Britain brandishes olive branch to restart global climate change talks
Ed Milipede concedes ground and offers to sign new Kyoto treaty in unilateral attempt to heal rift between rich and poor countries.

(Do you notice the subtle change in phraseology from 'Global Warming' to 'Climate Change'?)


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