Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Telling It Like It Is

At last we have someone telling it like it is, watch and listen to Gorvid Camerown explain why you will probably end up voting Labservative at the General Election on May 6th.

From The Big Dollop

Lib Dems target 'Labservatives' with guerilla advertising campaign
Fake joint advertising push for two main parties comes complete with campaign website and speech from 'Gorvid Camerown'

Government plans for elderly care branded a 'train crash'
Elderly people have been left 'waiting for God' by the Government's decision to shelve plans for a comprehensive National Care Service for at least six years, charities said yesterday.

Climategate Scam CRU Inquiry BIASED 31 03 2010

The INQUIRY in this newscast is 100% biased, the next two inquiries mentioned will also be biased. The British TORY Government set up the CRU with £15MILLION in the first place and to back up a false theory. Now the CLIMATE CHANGE SCAM is worth 100 TRILLION DOLLARS the bastards that are profiteering will keep all enquiries BIASED. and all in the name of the NEW WORLD ORDER. ..... The BBC never interviews anyone unless they are well into the SCAM. WHY IS LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON BANNED FROM TV? and why is it ALL three HEARTLAND INSTITUTE CONFERENCES have been IGNORED by the BBC? ........ Simple ...... THE BBC have £8BILLION invested in CARBON CREDITS and stand to lose the lot.

From Rexsyston

Ghost of Tony Blair returns to Labour ranks
A ghost was seen yesterday in Trimdon Labour Club. Tony Blair returned to haunt the place which so often formed the backdrop when he wished to claim he was a man of the people.


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