Wednesday, 31 March 2010

CIVIL liberties groups have condemned a sinister new plan for Scottish police forces to spy on ordinary citizens using unmanned surveillance drones.

Tony Blair: Why I need £5m every year just to get by
Tony Blair, who intervened in the election campaign yesterday, is thought to have a wage bill of over £5m

Tony Blair has told friends he needs to earn at least £5million a year just to break even.

Labour's 'free care' is a sham... Elderly will still have to pay most of the cost just to stay in a home
Labour's free care for the elderly plan was exposed as a sham yesterday after it emerged that the middle classes will still face bills of thousands of pounds a year.

MPs want legal aid for expenses fight: Fury as court case expected to cost public £3m
Three Labour MPs charged with claiming £60,000 in fraudulent expenses are to apply for legal aid to fund a lengthy court battle to get the case thrown out.

Gordon Brown could lose and still be Prime Minister
Gordon Brown could continue as Prime Minister for weeks even if he loses the election, under Whitehall proposals to prevent a run on the pound in the event of a hung parliament.

Oil conglomerate 'secretly funds climate change deniers'
An oil conglomerate has allegedly spent nearly £16.5 million ($25 million) on campaigns to discredit climate change and clean energy policies, according to a new report

Are America’s hawks really preparing to swoop on Iran?
Bomb Iran before it’s too late. Such is the prevalent thinking in certain political quarters over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.


Dave 31 March 2010 at 10:34  

RE: Oil conglomerate 'secretly funds climate change deniers'

CRU at the University of East Anglia alone has received nearly that much money - much of it from taxpayers.(Though some from Shell. Strange how Big Oil money doesn't corrupt 'science' when it is pro-AGW)

State directed funding of climate science *vastly* outweighs private funding of climate science. Whose vested interest is larger? The sums of money speak for themselves.

The Network 31 March 2010 at 13:18  

I think world-wide Gov funding of climate alarmism is several thousand times higher than the sum here involved. I read an article about it recently but can't rememmber where.

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