Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Labour mismanagement has shattered confidence in immigration system
We can only persuade people of the enormous benefits of immigration if we have a system that is firm but fair," said the Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary.

Gordon Brown to pledge new curb on immigration
Unskilled non-EU workers to be barred from UK entry as Labour looks to frame debate

Pre-election build-up – as it happened
• Gordon Brown warns of "scaremongering" on immigration
• But PM says: "we do not need more low-skilled workers"
• David Cameron unveils vision for "big society"
• Tory leader promises "neighbourhood army" of 5,000 volunteers

Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth
After the third and concluding part of 'The Inconvenient Truth', the programme-makers were in the Dispatches Forum to discuss the programme with the public. View the debate.

Gordon Brown has misled the public on immigration figures. Again
 It’s honest, at least, of Gordon Brown to condemn those who “appeal to our worst instincts of nationalism and xenophobia” while addressing the subject of immigration “scaremongering”.

Demonised and spied on: Muslims under siege
The Muslim Council of Britain and civil liberties groups have welcomed condemnation of the government's controversial anti-extremist programme by a committee of MPs.

MPs back draconian control orders
Members of Parliament have overwhelmingly voted to renew the use of draconian control orders for alleged terror suspects despite criticism of the measures by the Lords, the parliamentary joint committee on human rights and civil liberties groups.

Most Americans scoff at the mention of conspiracy but their country was created by Freemasonry and they don't have a clue.

War criminal on the run.
Karl Rove ran from a book signing in Beverly Hills with his tail between his legs.
Someone from "Code Pink" actually tried to arrest him.
It was a thing of beauty. This is the welcome he should receive at every book signing. Report here:

Ireland Bank Crisis: 'Worst Fears Surpassed' As Banks Need An Additional $42.7 Billion

Vindication or a Global Warming Whitewash?
Take Our Poll: Do You Believe the First Findings of the Inquiry into "Climategate" Will End the Controversy?

UN spreading global warming scare
The science behind the theory that CO2 is driving so-called anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a sham. It cannot be scientifically proven.

UN Global Warming Treaty Still Possible This Year, De Boer Says
 Last year’s climate change talks in Copenhagen came close enough to establishing a global warming treaty that an agreement is possible when negotiators meet again in Mexico at the end of this year, the United Nations diplomat leading the talks said.

Experts warn UK recovery is fragile


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